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Open Forum: Bamboozled again

We the so called people elect a president and congressmen to represent us, our beliefs, etc. However our representatives allowed our industries to leave their country and provide jobs for foreign workers. Our representatives operate under the guise that it’s the companies’ right to leave their country according to the law. They have most of us fooled with their bamboozling as they make the laws and can change them also.

Where did the highly paid lobbyists come from and for what reason? Are not our congressmen capable of making their own decisions? Do they need help from lobbyists that are paid big money to persuade Congress to vote for those paying them? Money talks. The procedure has to stop as we are fast losing our super power position. We now have many protesters and they are right using greed as a problem. I hope they look and find more on how our situation occurred. Jobs, of course, is the big problem.

One of our companies that left makes underclothes and sells most of them back to us. We could start another company making the same things and refuse their imports. Consequently our people would have jobs making underclothes. Other companies would see the light and most would come back.

We better take another look at free trade and world trade especially now that we have very little to trade.

James Gordon

Rural Brainerd