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Open Forum: LeMieur wasn’t there

The annual meeting of Morrison County Township Officers was held last week. Every year topics of importance to rural residents are discussed there. Every year elected officials from the county and state come to listen and learn. Except this year.

This year, county officials came, but for the first time, no elected state officials were there. Mike LeMieur didn’t show up. He came last year, when he was campaigning, and told us he had “rural values”.

This would have been a good meeting for him to be at. LeMieur could have explained his vote for the biggest property tax shift in Minnesota history. LeMieur could have explained why that tax shift is worse for rural Minnesotans than for metro. LeMieur could have explained why he voted to protect billionaires’ low tax rates and let us foot the bill with the huge property tax increases that are coming.

During his last campaign (Channel 22 debate), LeMieur said “If elected ... I will listen to you, I will learn from you.”

He wasn’t there to listen to township constituents, and when you get your property tax statements from the biggest property tax shift in Minnesota history, you’ll see he hasn’t learned either.

Roman Witucki

Little Falls

ROMAN WITUCKI is a member of the Morrison County DFL Executive Committee and a Pike Creek Township supervisor.