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Open Forum: A modest proposal for the Vikings

Stop trying to rob money from the Legacy Funds which is designated to the Arts and Outdoors of Minnesota by the voters. If you want to expand gambling, do it inside the new stadium, after you have paid for your admission ticket. Need $300 million to complete your funding of the stadium? Go to the bank like everyone else has to. Borrow $300 million at 4 percent amortized over 20 years. Monthly payments would be $1.8 million per month. Raise the ticket price $50 per seat (the price of four hot-dogs and four beers). Sixty-four thousand seats (figures from the Metrodome) multiplied by $50 equals $1.6 million per game multiplied by 10 games per year at home. (Let’s include the pre-season and post season games). Adding in the additional $200,000 per game from parking, the bank payments could be met, fat salaries could be paid and non-sports fan taxpayers would be happy.

Mark Munson