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Open Forum: Let’s connect the dots

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As many prepare their menus for lavish holiday feasts, almost one billion people are going hungry, including those in our own community. We have the resources to feed the hungry; we just need to connect all the dots.

Hunger is a grave issue and it is important that we fight this at an institutional level and at an individual level. US foreign aid in agriculture and emergency food assistance programs need to be supported. Feed the Future must be backed and the Food for Peace Act (the emergency food assistance program formerly known as PL480) should not be cut.

Individually, there are immediate actions we can do as well.That is why I hope that people will consider taking part in the Eleventh Hour Challenge, a three-step challenge that encourages people to donate 11 items, 11 pounds or $11 worth of food to a local food shelf or Soup Kitchen; to answer trivia questions for Team11 at which contributes 10 grains of rice for each correct answer to the United Nations’ World Food Program for global distribution; and finally to inspire other people to take up the cause and do the same this week.

So before your thoughts turn toward Thanksgiving menus, please take a few minutes to help fight local and global hunger through the Eleventh Hour Challenge. For many, the time is running out.

Kari Frisch

Student with the World Food Program-USA and ONE member

KARI FRISCH is an Instructor at Central Lakes College and a student with the inaugural Griot class with the United Nations’ World Food Program, WFP-USA, and ONE.