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Open Forum: LeMieur took care of himself

Republican Mike LeMieur collected his salary, per diem, insurance, mileage, housing allowance, state computer, and more benefits from his “part time” legislative job ... He even took those benefits during the shutdown and special session. LeMieur took good care of himself.

He put out emails and guest editorials that blamed the governor for the shutdown, claimed that Republicans had submitted a balanced budget, and that our local schools would be getting more state aid than they actually will. LeMieur took good care of his political party.

Republican Mike LeMieur voted against raising income tax rates on the wealthiest. LeMieur took good care of those who funded his campaign.

Republican Mike LeMieur voted to increase our property taxes, reduce our renter’s credit, cut home health services, take health insurance away from thousands, and cut aid to local governments.

LeMieur took good care of himself and the wealthiest, but not us.

We need to ignore all the expensive ads put out by the wealthiest who got LeMieur elected last time.We need to remember that LeMieur took care or himself and the wealthiest, and not us, so let’s take care of ourselves at election time.

Bob Keeton

Chair, MCDFL

Morrison County DFL