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Open Forum: LeMieur is always on the job

Let’s get this straight: Rep. Mike LeMieur works for his constituents and no one else. As our representative, he’s “on the job” 24/7 whether the Legislature is in session or not. He can be contacted anytime. Also, get your facts straight. It’s inaccurate to say he collected all his benefits during the special session because he didn’t.

DFL letter writers like to claim that LeMieur only works for the “wealthiest who got him elected.” That’s not true; just follow the money. It shows that LeMieur received two-thirds of his money from ordinary individuals who live in his district or have close ties to the area. In other words, his constituents.

Whereas, LeMieur’s opponent, former Rep. Al Doty, a retired school teacher, received two-thirds of his money from various teachers’ and labor unions or their PACS. Most of his contributions came from similar wealthy organizations outside the district, not his constituents.

Also, we simply cannot ignore the anything-but-accurate ads the local DFL Party ran against LeMieur earlier this year. Those eight ads cost $1,728.92, the Record’s regular price. That’s a lot of money for a local party. Is it possible it came from some wealthy DFL donors? I think so.

Clara Kedrowski

Little Falls