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Open Forum: Money is not the answer

We pay a much larger amount of money for the education of our children than any major country in the world. Our children spend many less hours in school than most major country in the world. The level of education attained from our schools is much lower than the education attained for children of most other countries. Money was not and is not the answer. Had the voters paid attention to what is happening and read about what’s happening they would never have voted for more money. Science and math are the dominant subjects of countries like China and India and it made our country No. 1 several years ago when teachers were able to make children do their work even to the extent of whacking our fingers with a ruler or any other method used for results. China and India force their children to study and realize the importance. Our new generation has had it so good that they have lost touch with what is going on. The fact that our children could find themselves in a third rated country is not their fault or the teachers’ fault, it’s ours with our new found leniencies. Too many of us are unconcerned believing that money is the answer for almost everything and that our politicians depending on the help of their lobbyists, will take care of everything.

James Gordon

Rural Brainerd