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Alternatives to bullying

Alternatives to bullying

Bullying, a concept that affects us all; but still can be very elusive. Webster’s Dictionary lists a No. 1 definition of a “bully” as, “A person who hurts, frightens, threatens, or tyrannizes over those who are smaller or weaker”.

In today’s writings I am not going to pretend that I have a bundle of answers for you. The best I can do is assure that, if I can get you to question how you have been acting or reacting in your daily living you will come out with answers to your conditions, I couldn’t dream of.

First of all. somewhere along the line we have to accept the idea that there is a better way to get the right thing “done” than “bullying”. In our day to day living, getting along with people, whether parenting, teaching, coaching, or however, you can somehow get the task done without hurting, frightening, or threatening, then you have succeeded!

Again on your walks through life you can’t help but notice some people of all ages who seem afraid to raise their eyes. Is the person having a bad day, or is it the left over effect of some long ago bullying? Perhaps bullying can take other not so obvious forms? Like being left out of the “big” party or really “important” meeting, or not having the proper clothes or medical aide.

Webster’s Dictionary refers to a friend as a person one knows well and is fond of, intimate with. and close to. It would seem that in our association with people we would strive to be a “friend.”

Ed Fox

Rural Brainerd

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