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False accusations made

False accusations?

I have no idea why the Dispatch continues to allow Wenzel and others to make false accusations about good people. Actually, since all those statements have distracted people away from the poor performance of Wenzel’s nephew, Mike LeMieur, I guess we do know why.

LeMieur absolutely did exaggerate what local schools would get. He did it in print in both the Brainerd Dispatch and the Record. Here’s the link to LeMieur’s “guest editorial” in the Record with the exaggerated numbers. Our schools did not receive the increases LeMieur says they did.

It’s not just me who knows those numbers were exaggerated.

The Brainerd superintendent was quoted (below) in a Dispatch news article revealing that LeMieur had exaggerated the figures.

“Razidlo said Monday that about a month ago it was called to his attention by three people that Republican Rep. Mike LeMieur’s office sent out a newsletter voicing claims that districts received more of a financial boost than they had by the recent legislative session.”

Why is Wenzel allowed to publish falsehoods? Doesn’t the Dispatch have a “truth policy”? They allowed Clara Kedrowski to publish the exact same distorted version of the truth about Doty campaign funding recently; even though the actual facts had been printed earlier.

As a former office-holder himself, Wenzel should know that it’s not possible for any candidate to receive 2/3 of campaign funding from Unions like his letter says. State law prohibits more than 20 percent total from all PACs together.

I hope Wenzel and other local Republicans stop their lies, and I want to thank Bob Keeton for doing what our local press hasn’t been doing; getting the truth out there about the lousy representation we’re getting from Mike LeMieur.

Michele Caron

Little Falls

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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