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More on District 12B

A letter in the Dec. 15 Dispatch accuses me of a “distorted version of the truth about Doty campaign funding”. That’s not so. My information came as a result of my July 11 reply to a letter that appeared in an earlier Morrison County Record. Since the letter didn’t appear in the Dispatch, I didn’t send my reply there. Here’s my letter on both LeMieur’s and Doty’s campaign funding during the 2010 campaign.

“A recent letter was headlined: “Follow LeMieur’s money”. I did just that and it led me to, which listed contributions of $250 or more. Checking the District 12B race was quite enlightening.

Rep. Mike LeMieur received two-thirds of his money from individuals who live in the district or have close ties to the area. The other one-third came from the Republican Party, three PAC’s, two businesses and one listing of unitemized donations.

His opponent, former Rep. Al Doty, had a very different report. Two-thirds of his money came from various labor and public teachers unions or their PACs. Two individuals made contributions, plus there were six separate listings of unitemized donations which totaled over twice as much as LeMieur received. The DFL Party made eight separate contributions; the only contributions from within the district.

Obviously, big labor, public teachers unions, and the DFL Party were desperate to re-elect Doty and welcomed funding from anywhere, even outside the district. In sharp contrast, LeMieur’s support came largely from local individuals. He’s working hard to serve all the people of his district whether they donated to his campaign or not. Rep. LeMieur listens to all his constituents, not big money.”

Obviously, this shows it was the DFL candidate who received the big money, while the Republican candidate received most of his money from constituents. End of story.

Clara Kedrowski

Little Falls

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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