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The same old mistake

For many years, while we were engaged in Iraq, many of us knew that at some point we would leave with our tails between our legs, going back home to a country weary of war. Last week the final speeches were made and our flag was lowered. The ceremony had to be held behind blast walls because it’s not safe to do it in public. The convoys which left for Kuwait looked over their shoulders all the way to the border. It’s not safe to let your guard down. Iraq is still a powder keg.

We leave a country where everyone is walking on eggshells waiting for the next bomb to go off. The peace — if that’s what you call it. The secretary of defense and Obama tried to talk about is tenuous at best. Their infrastructure is largely destroyed. Drinking water and electricity are luxuries. Over 100,000 of their people are dead and the walking wounded are ten times that. This says nothing of the trillion dollars of borrowed money we spent and our own war dead and wounded. One would hope that the next war will have more credibility then this one.

This is the third conflict since World War II that turned out this way. There will be a fourth. The Iraq people have told us to get out and leave them alone. Someday when wars are not big business and legislators quit thumping their chests, we might be liked again. But until then we will make this same old mistake over and over again. To our soldiers God bless you for trying and being so subservient. Your attitude and effort is all we have to be proud of.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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