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A problem with ethics

One time a while back I was at the counter of a store and the cash register was left open and no one was manning the counter, so quickly without thinking

I closed the drawer. I didn’t think too much about this until reading some articles on economics.

An open safe is not safe, and an open register is not secure. Yet we celebrate that we have become an “open” society. Open to no restrictions or definitions of individual morality, with only a vague request to redefine morality. The redefinition of morality is based on the principles of civil law, which is to say what is legislative is moral. The American society is based not on the idea of man-made (artificial) law, but from Common Law or Natural Law as it was once known. Common law is the idea of the exploration of absolutes, natural law, and that which is discovered or made judgment as to being right or wrong, is always right or wrong. There is no legislation that can change the rotation of the earth, so there is no legislation that can change the consequences of immorality. Yet we are now an open society, opposed to the pressing of morality. And with each inch we have opened ourselves up to we have invited not progress but thieves. Since we “approve” of ideologies that violate the natural rights of mankind we have also “approved” of the second and third causes of effect that it brings.

As an open society we have confused freedom with free. Freedom means there is no free ride, but you get to drive. He who thinks it right to steal will steal; he who thinks it wrong to steal will close the register. We don’t have a problem with economics; we have a problem with ethics.

James Erfurth


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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