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War drums beat again

The war in Iraq gradually fades from memory. Four thousand five hundred Americans died, with many more seriously injured. Our armed forces and their loved ones, a small percent of our 300 millions, made the sacrifice. For most of us, it was business as usual during the entire travesty.

Iraq’s people and infrastructure took the bigger blow, as we attacked a country not involved in 9/11 and not a threat to us. Our invasion created a Shia ally for Iran, replacing its Sunni check on Iran influence. Internal strife continues. There are no new power plants to ease the severe electricity shortage.

You can make the case that the invasion was a war crime. Perhaps ignorance gives our leaders a legitimate excuse.

Now the bugles are sounding for an attack on Iran, which wants to be the 14th country which enriches uranium. Inspections can verify their intent. Let’s try that route first.

Rolf Westgard


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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