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Starting the new year

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving since I wrote last. The weather sure was. And you and yours had a very blessed Christmas! Looks like the stores did. and Happy New Year! I pray all his blessings are yours through 2012. Amen.

Every Leap Year is our presidential election year as well. Pray. Vote. Pray. This is a very critical election for this country! I just pray we have a real choice and not have to pick the least of two evils! Pray this with me, please. Thank you.

A few thoughts to start the New Year. Ben Franklin was two-thirds right when he said, “The only two certainties in life is death and taxes.” Well, he forgot the certainty of change. I could be a bit facetious and say he was describing the Democratic Party but, I don’t want to be facetious this early in the year, so forget I said that. Thanks.

I hope everyone has their resolutions written and for those who haven’t, let your first one be to stop procrastinating. I don’t know if I need any. I only made one mistake in my life and that’s when I thought I was wrong bu I was right. That said, everybody is three persons. The person others think we are. The person we think we re. And the person we really are. And it’s amazing how far apart they can be from each other. Amen?

I pray we get some snow to stop the hurting going on for those depending on it for business. I think that’s why there was a spike in foresclosures in Decemeber. You can’t please everyone.

Happy and blessed New Year! God bless you and God bless America and its leaders. Amen!

Stephen Heinecke


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