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DFL stirred the pot

Reference is made to an article in Friday’s paper by Terry Sluss. You make reference to Senate action on day one of the current session but you fail to mention the partisan political pot stirring before the session even started this year. That’s when bipartisanship left the Senate this year. I point to Senate DFL Caucus Leader Tom Bakk demanding an apology from the most recent incident regarding the former Senate majority leader. Sen. Koch had already apologized for her alledged misconduct and stepped down from her job but Bakk had to keep pushing. Maybe this pre-session pot stirring didn’t go unnoticed on the first day of session. Also, Mr. Sluss, if you have to take political shots at our local legislators, you might consider Rep. Ward’s annual attempt to use the veterans to advance his political career. Like trying to shove the veterans into the mildew-infested, mold-infested and asbestos-contaminated old state hospital. Thanks Rep. Ward. Sen. Gazelka has done a great job for our area and will continue to do so. There’s a reason you didn’t win the election. It’s called “the citizens have spoken and voted.”

Charlie Makidon

Disabled American veteran


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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