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Leading by example

I would like to comment on the Open Forum article by Terry Sluss on Jan. 27th.

First I was not aware that the quantity of office staff constituted representation. The representation is by the elected senator for each district. Each senator has many faithful followers that may be happy to do volunteer work for them if they feel their office staff is inadequate to represent their district.

Here are some budget statistics for Mr. Sluss.

Senate Republican side budget-$2,469,000.

Senate Democrat side budget-$2,629,000.

So you see the Democrats are in the minority yet their budget is higher and they have fewer employees. Now Mr. Sluss, add that up. The Republicans could have simply taken the total budget available, divided it by 67 senate districts, given 37/67 (the number of Repubican senators) of that budget to the Republicans. They would have received $2.8 million and the Democrats would have received $2.3 million. I hope you can see that the Republicans have been more than reasonable to the minority party. They lead by example. They cut the Senate per diem 10 percent at the beginning of the year and have 10 less employees in the majority than the DFL had when they were in the majority, saving the taxpayers more money.

Source: Minnesota State Senate.

Mr. Sluss, please get your facts straight before taking shots at Sen. Gazelka. Sen. Gazelka proudly serves this area well.

Debi Makidon


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