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Let's work together

While watching the State of the Union speech, I was curious as to the reaction of the opposition party. When positive employment numbers were given, the Republican Party (members) sat on their collective hands as if to say “We don’t care.” When the reemergence of the automotive manufacturing of American brands was glowingly given, again the Republican Party sat on their collective hands and apparently didn’t care. Instead of being happy about the positives happening in our country, they instead chose to sit on their collective hands and show an apparent disdain of the President and any thing positive that’s happening in our nation.

Are you Republicans so intent in your hate of this president that you can’t give credit when credit is due? Are we not all part of the desire to see our economy and job situation improve for all that are having tough times at this moment in our history? When the Republicans are so into their dogma and can’t or won’t try to work together for all of us, then we all lose.

Finally, it is very apparent to me that the team work is evidenced by our Navy Seals getting Bin Laden and also the hostages in Africa. As Americans, of whatever political persuasion, we need to work together and stop being dogmatic about our pet projects. So Mr. Republican, are you part of the solution as Americans working together for our brothers and sisters that need a hand up, or are you going to just sit on your collective hands and do nothing? If the latter is your choice, then in direct opposition to what the vast majority of American citizens want from you, you are choosing to be a Republican and not an American. Shame on you.

Bob Hobson

Pine River

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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