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Taxes and Jobs

The letter writer of “Buying votes” in Sunday’s paper was either confused, misinformed, or distorting the facts. Dayton’s job plan, supported by Rep. Ward, does not give $3,000 to veterans, the unemployed and newly hired as the writer states. It does give employers, in the form of tax credits, the $3,000 as an incentive to hire the aforementioned. We have been relying 10 years on a failed tax policy that cut taxes for the wealthy (“job creators”?) in hopes that they would use it to create jobs, and if so, create them in America (Bush tax cuts) or Minnesota (Ventura tax cuts). Too much of this tax relief went into savings and investments that lower tax rates even further (see Mitt Romney’s 15 percent tax rate), or to create the jobs overseas. If you think this tax credit is too much to pay to create a job, just do the math (cost/job) on our net gain of American/Minnesota jobs since the early 1980s tax cuts were initiated. You would be astounded! It is long past due we replace this costly “shotgun,” ineffective approach to tax relief, with one that is targeted and ensures that a job will be created where we want it created. We should be thanking Gov. Dayton and Rep. Ward for this common sense, practical approach to creating jobs.

Karl Samp


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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