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Listen to the GOP

With the push to pass this bill, one wonders how much thought goes into some things at the state Capitol. It seemed to me that the law we had on the books was entirely adequate. No one is in prison for defending their life on their own property. We didn’t need a new law that will make it easier to get away with murder. Defense attorneys are rubbing their hands over this one. One of the unintended consequences will make Police officers even jumpier, when having to go to private residences. I foresee more shoot outs and you know what? In circumstances like this the Police rarely lose and who is the loser then?

Do the legislators not have an agenda over there and if they do, how does this kind of stuff get even get talked about in a state with as many problems as this state has to be solved? How can you talk about this and voting problems and gay marriage early in the session, when the business climate sucks? When peoples taxes are making them lose their homes and cities and schools are going broke. I will tell you how. When outside interests get their way. And you legislators wonder why we don’t like you. Were not naïve. We just have no control over you. Only the lobbyists and special interest groups do.

Mike Holst


Another tragic school shooting and there will be those who want to further stop gun sales. That is not the problem. When I went to school in the 1940s we routinely brought our guns and shells to school so we could pheasant or duck hunt after school.  We would throw our guns and ammunition in the back seat of a friend’s car so we could immediately hunt after school. I remember one occasion where our school superintendent walked from his house on his way while admiring my shotgun. I might add there were no locked cars.  No one would even consider bothering our guns.

What is the difference today. We have surrendered to the ACLU and taken any religion out of our schools. Any mention of God in schools is not allowed by most schools. One of the most important factors in school violence since 1962 was when some left wing judges sided with their ACLU buddies.

 We should pass a state law allowing reference to God as perfectly acceptable and expected. In a generation we would see violence drop dramatically. We  should include in our legislation requiring all lawyers practicing in Minnesota be required to register if they are or ever have been a member of the ACLU. Our residents could boycott those lawyers out of business If that doesn’t work we will soon have our troops returning from our wars and we can put them to use cleaning up our society problem to rid us of the legal scum.

Robert Olson

Ideal Township

As Republicans seeking the nomination for president are all but eating their own young, President Obama has been meeting with world leaders to work on trade negotiations that will benefit this country and help to create jobs, just as he was elected to do. These are some of the jobs, jobs, jobs the right keeps talking about but not really doing anything about. Anyone who pays attention to the news know the huge amount of coverage about whether Gingrich is too wild, Santorum is too religious, Romney is too bland and Paul is just too far from the center. Santorum must know the heart of others as he determines whose faith and theology are real. Perhaps God has been telling him to criticize everyone else who is running also.

I say let’s listen to them and take their word about those they are trying to beat out in the primaries. All of the candidates have almost nothing positive to say, and certainly nothing positive to say about each other. I recommend you take them at their words when they criticize each other since they have known each other and been meeting in debates for months now, so who would better know them besides themselves. They are running mostly negative attack ads which I heard once were somewhere in the 80 percent range.

We can thank the five conservative members of the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United for the constant joy we will have watching these vilifying ads that do everything they can to distort each others records. The hundreds of millions of dollars that are being given the Super Pacs in multimillion dollar individual donations should make us feel confident there will be nothing expected for those huge sums of money and nothing given…or will there.

Jim Grimes


How can a company like Solyndra be given a $535 million taxpayer-backed loan guarantee, go bankrupt and be allowed to give out $370,000 in bonuses? If they did such a good job, why did they go bankrupt? And where does the $370,000 come from?

Julie Pawlak

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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