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Are we prepared?

Are we prepared?

No one wants war but, since this nation was established we have been involved in numerous wars.

Late in the 1930s, early 40s, our country watched Hitler’s brutal march across Europe. We didn’t want to get involved that is, until the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even then, we were completely unprepared and thousands of our military men and women paid a heavy price. It wasn’t as though the White House or military leaders hadn’t been forewarned.

Back in the 1930s, Capt. Billy Mitchell testified at his court martial there was a strong possibility Pearl Harbor would be attacked. By whom? Japan. His sources on the build up of war preparations in Japan pointed to Pearl Harbor which was literally a sitting duck. Why? The navy’s decision to base much of their fleet in a harbor which had only one lane for ship traffic in and out made it a perfect trap. Mitchell was laughed out of court.

Today we have Iran which despite sanctions continues its deadly nuclear plans building secret labs 300-400 feet underground. Iran has become a master at stalling while all the time improving their nuclear capabilities.

Despite President Obama’s promise to the Israeli Prime Minister to back them in defense of Israel there was a hitch. Only if Israel would wait to defend themselves until after the November election thus giving Iran eight more months to complete their nuclear bomb. The next day, after these talks, the White House announced plans to re-open talks with Iran.

To the terrorists, negotiations are a sign of weakness. What if Iran were to ship their nuclear rockets to Cuba to use as an attack on us? We weren’t prepared for 9/11, what about a nuclear attack?

We ignored Hitler; will we do the same with Iran? The clock is ticking.

Dolores Zaske

Pine River

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