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Hormel unit Jennie-O to lay off employees due to bird flu in poultry


Paying for war now, not later

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opinion Brainerd, 56401
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Even as the American public voices its dissatisfaction with war, we have those in Congress who advocate we be more active in some of the skirmishes that are going on in the Middle East. Sen. John McCain, being one of them. He wanted us not to pull out of Iraq. He wanted us to give more support in Libya, then we did. He wants us to give air support in Syria. He wants us to team up with Israel and bomb Iran. One wonders how many battlefronts we would have had, had he been elected.


There is more than one way to lose a war. The most obvious one is going home a loser. The second reason is bankrupting our nation. We seem to be achieving both.

To those in Congress that want more war I say this. Raise taxes to offset the cost of the war. It’s the least you can do because after all it’s your war and not my grandkids. If you’re going to speak for the public then let the present public pay for it — and right now knowing the mood in this country — good luck with that.

Mike Holst