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Taking responsibility

A response to Melissa Horton commentary.

I have a very simple solution for this type of problem, if you don’t repay your student loans; the degree is void, doesn’t exist and can’t be used for employment. You will still have the knowledge that you gained but, since you are breaking the contract that you signed, you should forfeit the benefits. It’s hard to credit that you are practicing law, yet seem to feel that you were taken advantage of by a system and should get relief. Yes you were young, but you didn’t care, you were sucked in by the greed of an easy life this degree was going to provide you with and didn’t bother to read or think it though. Now you want someone (us the taxpayers) to take care of the problem so that you can have the life you dreamed of, no thought of the money that the bank would lose. What a selfish and childish way to look at life. You were an adult, albeit a young one, and you are still paying for your foolishness, now you want us to pay for it. If you had committed a crime and had to serve time in prison, would you plead I didn’t know how this would turn out, so let me out of here.

I have only a high school diploma and after the Navy I started two different successful businesses from scratch, no loans, no banks, just my own drive and the money that I made working various jobs. You’d never make it in private business. There you must depend on yourself, and your character and most of all, you are responsible for all of your own decisions, something that despite your degrees you have yet to learn.

Steve Lanz


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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