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Busting the unions

Once again another editorial by Editor Hansen has amazed and angered me. The editorial, “Students Need the Best Teachers” deals with teacher seniority — “the last in, first out” or, in other words doing away with seniority when it comes to layoffs. The real reason Republicans, including right wing editor Hansen, are supporting this proposed law is to bust the unions. Why — because Education Minnesota tends to support Democratic candidates. I have a better idea. Eliminate all lobbyists and Super Pacs. Perhaps then our politicians will do what is best for their constituents rather than those who are paying big bucks to buy their votes.

The reasons our children are overall doing poorly in school has little to do with bad teachers. Lack of funding resulting in large class size and program cuts and the fact that many kids get little to no help at home are the real culprits. If there are indeed poor teachers in the system, that is the fault of the administration. Poor performers , in any occupation, should be dealt with by their superiors.

I have some insights of our education system. I volunteer at Forestview helping kids with math. I have never met a “ bad teacher” there — which seems to be the premise upon which the editorial is based. There is a saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Part of “raising” includes educating. What insights do you have Mr. Hansen? Perhaps you should volunteer. Who knows, the experience you would gain might help you to write objectively!

Gary Niemi


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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