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Stick to geology

In the March 22 paper a writer wrote about the single provider mandate of Obamacare. He makes a much better geological engineer than political scientist and should stick to what he knows. He used as his basis a quote Mitt Romney made when he was governor of Massachusetts (about 12 years ago). That was then this is now! Romney rejected that notion outright in one of the presidential debates and in the March 23, USA Today, he categorically rejected the federal government’s right to force a citizen of the United States to enter into a contract not of their own choosing. “Each state should be allowed to pursue its own solution in this regard instead of being dictated to by Washington.”

Health care for all Americans is a laudable goal, but achieving it by order of the federal government is not the answer. If Washington can force health care on its citizens then it can force us to do anything they think is in our best interest, even if we don’t.

That health care is more properly a state issue is what he was saying and it makes sense. Each state has its own unique problems and can deal with them uniquely better than a one size fits all approach of Washington.

This in reality boils down to a constitutional issue. There is not only a separation of powers as it relates to the executive, legislative and judicial branches at the federal level, but there is a separation of powers between us and them and it’s called states rights.

My prediction is that the Supreme Court will reject all or most of Obamacare after it hears oral arguments this week.

Pat Williams


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