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Unsustainable practices

I am tired of hearing politicians say that Medicare and Social Security are unsustainable.  And that people collecting Social Security today get much more than they paid into. But they don’t mention that the dollars everyone paid in years ago were worth more than the dollars of today because of inflation and our devalued currency. And Congress couldn’t leave the system as planned and looted the fund for other projects and made it taxable.

Medicare wouldn’t be in the predicament it is if we had a single payer system that could eliminate the excessive greed in the medical and insurance industries with outrageous profits and executive salaries and bonuses.

These are some things I think are unsustainable:

• Our elite Congress that exempts its members from the laws they make for us and their overly generous benefits and salary for life after they leave office.

• Excessive tax breaks for the top 1 percent at the expense of programs lost and increased revenue or fees from the other 99 percent.

• Generous pension plans and health care for retired government and civil servant workers at the expense of the taxpayers.

• Mitt Romney trying to convince the voters that he is just a regular guy. And will someone please help Santorum find his Delorean so he can get back to the 50s.

Julie Pawlak


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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