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Ryan's budget is a fraud

Americans of all political persuasions, WAKE UP!  

Has anyone looked at the Ryan budget passed by the House last week?  

According to Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Klugman, this is “the most fraudulent budget in American history.”  

Why? Because it claims to reduce the deficit while actually raising it, it includes huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, it claims to close tax loopholes while actually closing not one, it inflicts pain and misery on 99 percent of us all under the guise of deficit reduction.  

Howard Gleckman of the non partisan Tax Policy Center calls the Ryan budget “a mystery meat budget.”  Klugman rates that statement as unfair to mystery meat (ie; pink slime) as mystery meat at least has nutritional value, Ryan’s empty promises don’t.  

Friends, what is happening is the result of extremists gaining control of party discourse.  The death grip the hard right has on today’s GOP is fatal.

 This budget exemplifies the direction of today’s GOP.

Concentrate all wealth and power in the hands of a few through tax cuts and favors.  Cut the legs from under workers, educators, regulators, and all those who truly serve America and her future.

Continued legislative and/or executive control by today’s GOP will deal a death blow to America.

This is not your father’s GOP.

Marian Severt


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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