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As I have been reading Keith Hansen’s editorials, I started to get the feeling at first that, wow, this guy is pretty conservative, then that changed to, wow he’s way to the right (not correct mind you, but away from the center). After more and more of his opinion pieces, I actually went to the Internet to search if he was an official of the Republican party in some capacity. Time passed, I began to wonder if he was affiliated with Fox Cable News, nothing there. Wondered if the Brainerd Dispatch was owned by Rupert Murdoch? Can’t tell much about who owns it. Not being able to tie him to any of those organizations, I figured he must at the very least watch Fox News since his opinions, which I feel he often states as facts which I am not sure are even true, so closely resemble those of Fox.

Over the years, I have gotten emails from my Republican friends which when read I am prompted to look up the information stated in them on the Internet only to find that they are indeed based on urban legends and often are NOT TRUE. I have tried to encourage them to check stuff out before forwarding it. Today, Thursday April 5, my suspicions were confirmed; Hansen even mentioned the Fox Report in his editorial twice. He referred to the three judge panel (Activist judges? One Reagan appointee and the other two also Republican appointees, go ahead, check me on this) demanding the DOJ respond about the supreme courts right to overturn Obama Care (judges words). The President said he was confident they wouldn’t, not that they couldn’t overturn the law. As Keith Hansen would say in his unlimited number of biased words, Fact: The president gave his Constitutionally guaranteed opinion.

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Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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