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Hormel unit Jennie-O to lay off employees due to bird flu in poultry


An open letter to Crow Wing County DFLers

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opinion Brainerd, 56401
Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Liberty is the chassis on our American muscle car. Without it, the wheels of our economy fall off. The doors that open our ride to prosperity won’t swing wide. Without liberty, private property doesn’t exist and hope for a better future crashes. The leadership DFL legislators provided over the last seventy years has resulted in our chassis needing a refit.


On April 21, Republican delegates from every county in Congressional District 8 have volunteered to meet in Park Rapids, MN. These delegates will be organizing to retake the wheel of the American speedster...the presidency.

But they’ll be doing a lot more than that. From there, you will hear their battle cry for freedom. On this day, the public will see a united force ready to re-educate people why limited government was created on purpose.

Our founders wrote a document that secured our liberty. DFL legislators took an oath to uphold that law, and then justified ignoring it while the people worked hard to give their government more and more of their earned wealth. You legislated promises that are mathematically impossible to keep. State retirement pensions, schools, and programs to help the poor are all underfunded with only a promise of coming funds to keep them sort of solvent. Those are just some of your failures. Building a manufacturing base in the lakes area, effectively offering a strategic environmental policy that honors property rights, and properly supporting our farmers innovative plans are some more. Unfortunately, I cannot list all of your failures here. But in the coming weeks liberty-minded people will submit more open letters so the public will know exactly the mess we are in, and how you single-handedly brought it to this point.

Your socialist experiment failed. November 6, 2012 liberty is reborn.

Barbara Haney