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Fact check

Fact check

Keith Hansen’s editorial regarding hiring Chinese companies to build bridges in California, New York and Alaska is a good example of how facts get distorted and people believe them. You can get the full story at www.factcheck.org2012/02/did-obama-approve-bridge-work-for-chinese-firms/

For the many people that do not want “big government” and prefer states’ rights over the Federal Government, this is for you. Under Obama, when states apply to the Federal Government for big project loans, they have to agree to “buy American” or no federal funds. That is what happened. California refused federal dollars and hired the Chinese company because they said it saved them money. None of our tax dollars will go to building these projects. What the states do is their business. Details are on the website.

When I read letters from individuals that are not fact checked, I excuse the writers as people who don’t know how to take advantage of the new technology. I do expect more from Mr. Hansen. I know it is a busy world and we don’t always have time to do what we should do but sometimes, we have to take the time in order to be accurate.

Sara Dunlap


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