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Let's have a parade

Let’s have a parade

I read with disappointment the chatter about the Fourth of July parade being threatened in Brainerd. Yes, parades are a lot of work and a lot of organizing but the good they do for the do for the community is the just reward for that work, which can never be duplicated. Because you see parades are not just about the long line of floats, trucks, bands, and people showing off their skills. It is about getting together with your neighbors, friends or complete strangers, on a day when you all have something in common and enjoying each other’s company. The more homogenous we can make our communities, the better the community.

I’m from Crosslake and each spring we celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a grand parade. People come from miles around to see that parade. This year the traffic jams after the parade were reminiscent of leaving a Vikings game in the cities. I am still laughing about it. I’m still amazed that a town that is usually empty that time of the year can have that much fun and you know what? I don’t remember anything about the actual parade.

So don’t let this chance slip away Brainerd people. Have a grand parade. If you build it they will come and Brainerd will be the better for it.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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