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We should all be rich

Your right wing bent is obvious, but you also seem unable to actually entertain more than the typical thought pattern. Possibly you are scripted by others, but consider a couple of things.

Your comments about Ford locating manufacturing plants to China....My memory is that the St. Paul plant was considered outdated quite some time ago and the cost of updating was not feasible. China is a growing economy with a large appetite and demand for cars, shipping cars from the U.S. to China would be expensive, and there are factors such as the reason auto companies located to Canada such as the savings in healthcare costs vs. the U.S. plants. It is simplistic to blame the unions, but predictable from some. I expect better from the news sources who are important influences of opinions. The new wave of robotics and digital manufacturing will change product manufacturing in ways only being imagined by some for now.

Your comments about student loan debts simplifies a complex situation. The recession which started during the Bush term caused all of us with investments to lose a lot of money, including college endowment funds. Combined with the decreased ability of endowment funds to help with grants, scholarships and work study funds, the state and federal governments have made major cuts to funding for grants to students and general support for higher education. With the employment market so poor, many have elected to go back to school to improve their chances of work but loans have been their primary source of funds if they don’t have the cash in hand.

We should all be rich. They don’t worry about public schools, since they can put their kids in private schools. They don’t worry about work study or grants for college, since they can just write a check, even though I am guessing that they complain about the high cost. If you think the cost of education is high then you should consider the cost of ignorance.

But, while the rest of us struggle the rich just buy another luxury car or boat or add on to their mansion.

Consider what our Lord Jesus said, “what you do to the least of these you do to me.”

Dave Benson


I heard Romney say on the radio that if the economy is improving the president should not get any credit for that. Really, he did say that. This from the candidate and usually from the party that blames him for all the economic problems of the world and yet can’t seem to acknowledge anything good he does. I believe we should give credit where credit is due. No credit for improving the auto industry and keeping Chrysler and GM from going under (most Republicans voted against), lowering unemployment, withdrawing from Iraq, reducing taxes for most Americans including the top 1 percent, striving to fix health care and cover the uninsured, close the donut hole, cover pre-existing conditions, put students on their parents health care and the other improvements of the Affordable Health Care act (things they want to do away with if elected).

In an effort to give credit where it is due, it seems only fair to acknowledge some of the accomplishments of the Republicans and the Bush administration. I admit they were very successful in convincing us that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attack of 9/11 and that he was hiding weapons of mass destruction. Or think how much wages have gone up for us all, especially their most wealthy friends. One has to appreciate loyalty to those who donate so much.

Then there is the great job the five activist Supreme Court justices are doing in protecting our right. So glad we are able to be strip searched now. What a job of protecting us from those voters who have no photo ID, like those seniors in nursing homes, too poor to drive, or students who live away from home. Let’s all give them the credit they deserve, after all, they did it all right so far.

Jim Grimes


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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