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Generous community

I’ve been involved with Good Samaritan Bowl since its very beginning back in 2003. Since day one, this “Friendraiser” has been touching lives, lifting spirits in the Brainerd Lakes area, making a difference in the lives of so many.

When I heard that last year’s Good Samaritan Bowl was the top fundraiser in the entire Good Samaritan Society, I was humbled. What a testament to the generosity of our community and to all those who bowl, donate, pledge, dine, sponsor and volunteer at this one-of-a-kind event. With all the gloomy economic news, it’s nice to know we’re No. 1 in a good way!

As a founding member of Good Samaritan Bowl, I invite everyone to come out and support Good Samaritan Bowl on May 6 and 7 at Jack’s House in Brainerd and Community Bowl in Pine River. It isn’t too late to be part of this exciting family-friendly “Fundraiser!”

Betty Alderman


I would like to correct some misinformation about Rep. John Ward’s performance in the Legislature. He is a conscientious, well-informed congressman, as a reading of his Legislative Updates indicates.

John Ward is sensitive to the plight of homeowners and supports the reinstatement of the homestead tax credit.

John Ward is supporting specific initiatives to increase jobs in Minnesota, including speeding up the permitting process, funding construction and repair of public infrastructure (such as roads and bridges), and advancing the Minnesota Investment Fund, a program which has helped provide financing for business expansion, including two local companies.

John Ward also supports raising teacher standards, by requiring that teachers pass a basic skills test before they hit the classroom, and by reforming the current teacher licensing examination. He also wants to pay back the school system in a financially responsible manner, not by using projected surpluses.

Patricia W. Scott


The tone of our politics has taken an unfortunate turn over the last several weeks, months, and years. Personal attacks, close-mindedness, and an unwillingness to compromise have become the new normal. As someone who has always tried to be moderate and bipartisan, this is alarming and something we shouldn’t tolerate in the good state of Minnesota.

Beyond that, I feel part of the public’s dismay with elected officials is because not enough elected officials are moderates or statesmen/stateswomen. I work very hard to represent all of my constituents to the best of my ability. Much of my legislation is bipartisan and I’m always reaching across the aisle. Are there political differences? Yes, but I would never personally attack or demean a colleague for their beliefs.

I’m proud of what I believe in and what I have fought for. I’m not sorry for fighting for a quality education for our children and I won’t apologize for working tirelessly for education funding from all who reside — permanently or seasonally — in every school district. I don’t feel one bit bad about working to get property tax relief to all of our citizens rather than corporate America.

I am proud of legislation and advocating for our small businesses in order to help them create more jobs. I have fought for needed treatment for our Lyme Disease victims, for our dog owners whose pets are being killed by dangerous traps, against the epidemic spread of Aquatic Invasive Species in our lakes, for conservation projects like the Mississippi River Northwoods Project, and for any Minnesotan who needs my help.

It’s a privilege to represent all of my constituents and I look forward to helping everyone I can. I’m thankful and humbled by the great support I have received from a majority of my constituents. Thank you.

Rep. John Ward


District 12A

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
I've worked at the Brainerd Dispatch with various duties since Dec. 7, 1983. Starting off as an Ad Designer and currently Director of Audience Development. The Dispatch has been an interesting and challenging place to work. I'm fortunate to have made many friends, both co-workers and customers.
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