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Where's the service?

Providing a service can cover anything from accounting, to educating to zebra sitting. We all know that the key to any products’ success is a good warranty, a guarantee that the product lives up to its claim. A warranty is a huge aspect to consider when making any major purchase, even if that purchase is a service.

Curiously, we as a society have determined that some services require no warranty. Responsibility to benefit from some services lies on the consumer. Educating is one example. If we are to suggest that an education is the product we are buying, then educating is a service required to benefit from the product, and we should expect a guarantee that the service is good. Accountants are certified to guarantee their work. A zebra sitter would be bonded and insured to guarantee his/her work.

When a person purchases the service of being educated, they are given specific times and dates to be present for the offering of this service. A syllabus of the education process is also provided to keep this process on track. The typical length of time to accomplish this educating is one semester or roughly 4 months, being offered in spring and fall. This leaves summer for vacations, work or just taking a little time to absorb your new education. If the educator takes a vacation during the spring semester, the educator’s absence, usually granted by a department head or chair, should then be looked at as “product failure.” Usually covered by some type of warranty, “product failure” is a very common occurrence. Diagnosis of the service failure would clearly be poor scheduling. Consumers purchasing the same education during the fall semester obviously are getting the bigger bang for their buck.

Steve Mulroy


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