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Response to Mosman

Response to Jan Mosman’s Forum

Mosman tries to divert the attention of Emily citizens and business people concerned by her non-residency. This group is part of 261 petitioners that Jan Mosman deceived responding to the February 14th petition asking Emily Council to halt spending $700,000 renovating our old school into a new city hall.

Mosman, you be assured your non-residency is not about any mine that may come to town – there’s no mine conspiracy group. As an Eden Prairie resident, involved and employed there, you lead a double life as many suspected since you filed for council.

The council suggested this go to district court. Council members, who don’t live here, work here, raise their children here, have history here, cannot represent the majority of residents. Mosman’s statement, “I am frugal” before voting $700,000 on an unnecessary city hall is one example, ignoring 261 petitioners who asked to put it on a ballot where it would fail by a large margin.

Presented at April Meeting about Mosman:

1. Eden Prairie residence: homesteaded. MN law: must be primary residence.

2. Emily Cabin: seasonal recreational.

3. EDEN PRAIRIE Historical Society VP March 9, 2012.

4. EDEN PRAIRIE Fireplace Company President and Office Manager.

5. EDEN PRAIRIE Philips-grill task force Chair.

6. MN residency definition: Where your family lives. Husband and mother live in EDEN PRAIRIE.

7. MN Secretary of State Affidavit Contact address used to run for council: EDEN PRAIRIE address.

8. Emily council mayor statements: “Jan, you have the farthest to travel. When can you meet?”

9. MN and State Patrol driver’s license address conflict – what address do you file on your tax return?

10. Mosman banks in Eden Prairie while our local Emily bank closes.

11. Driver’s license changed to Emily one month pre-election.

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