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GOP no's have done it again!

GOP no’s have done it again!

Well, the GOP-NO’s have done it again! Claiming that they are the ones to create jobs, they instead would/could not compromise—again. So far they have quite a negative record: they shut down state government, protected corporate tax loopholes while raising property taxes on middle class Minnesotans, and borrowed billions to paper over another record state budget deficit.

Democrats produced the votes to get job-producing legislation. Rep. Ward with most other Democrats and Gov. Dayton did all the legwork to get jobs. Clearly, they had the overall needs of the citizens of this state in mind. Yet the Republicans made sure the wealthy were protected again.

By now we in the middle class get the picture: we pay our fair share of taxes willingly so that the wealthiest Minnesotans do not have to.

Of course, the REPUGS will say that they are the guardians of the state—the moral leaders.

I say we, the 99%, will remember them in November.

M. Fritz Bertelt


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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