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Thanks to the Jaycees

It was great to hear about the hard work done by the Jaycees on their own initiative and time, with no payment or prompting from the city trying to keep the parade in Brainerd. They did their homework and figured out how to work around the college drive construction. This serves as one more example of how Brainerd needs new people with new ideas who can get things done. I hope the Jaycees will stay involved in moving Brainerd ahead, we need their help.

I understand that Brainerd Community Action operates on a tax levy paid by the city to coordinate the parade, and other events and has a full time paid staff person. Why did they not make plans to work around the college drive construction, which has been known about for over a year? There was no communication from Community Action about the dilemmas they faced before they made the decision to cancel the parade in Brainerd. People would have stepped forward to help, but we were never even given that choice.

Why did three members of our city council, and our mayor reject the Brainerd alternative put together by the Jaycees in favor of an inferior Baxter location? This is not a Brainerd versus Baxter situation, but Brainerd should never have been put in a situation like this to begin with. The parade was canceled until suddenly the Jaycees came up with Plan B and it then was on again. The Jaycees had good ideas. Hopefully they will not be discouraged by the dysfunction they witnessed at so many levels and they will be willing to offer their expertise and energy again.

Ed Shaw


Mitt Romney is a bully

He and his cronies ran down a blond

haired/blue eyed classmate. Upon Mitt’s request, held him down and

sheared his head. Mitt Romney purposefully ran a blind teacher into a

door at his school when he was a student at Cranbrook Prep School for

spoiled brats. His cronies now feel bad about their participation and

can’t get the event out of their minds. Mitt can’t remember the event.


are generally white trash, rich, popular, athletes, beautiful, mean,

cruel, nasty and, or arrogant people. Many of them, with the exception

of well-connected rich people, end up in jail or prison as their

personalities don’t change as they age.

I was bullied because I

was small, blond, a paper boy, a nice guy, in band, played piano,

golfed, stayed out of trouble, toed the line and turned the other

cheek. Believe me these idiots would slap the other cheek.

I was

held down, threatened, called queer, fem, flyin’ fem, told (as a

musician) that I couldn’t come into the fieldhouse at Moorhead State

because I majored in music, etc.

As a result, I stuttered and stammered for two years had to beat the jocks at Moorhead State at their own games.


dumb ones are in jail and the rich ones continue to be bullies the rest

of their lives, calling most of us dumb or ill-equipped to succeed in

life. They, of course, deserve their riches.

I became a

professional trumpet player, a decent teacher, a decent car salesman, a

family man with three children, and retired. Oh, I had my own rock band

for six years and played in the 188th Army Band.

Kids now deal with the words fag, faggot, homo and names I can’t even mention on paper.

Female bullies were the same and are the same except they use words to crucify each other.

Wanting to change my name for 50 years.

Bruce G. Femling


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
I've worked at the Brainerd Dispatch with various duties since Dec. 7, 1983. Starting off as an Ad Designer and currently Director of Audience Development. The Dispatch has been an interesting and challenging place to work. I'm fortunate to have made many friends, both co-workers and customers.
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