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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Viking stadium deal, more Ward bad business

Liberals in St. Paul like Representative John Ward are taking Minnesota down the path of too much debt and higher taxes just as his counterparts in Washington D.C. have taken the country. Multiple years of DFL pushed bonding bills suggest as much. The question is: Why should we toss out legislators like Ward?

Here’s the answer in two words: affordability and sustainability. Ward helped to pass bonding bills in July 2011 for $531 million and May 2012 for $496 million. Both bills went towards mostly public construction projects. He also saddled us with $548 million towards constructing the Viking’s stadium plus millions in future operating costs ( Forbes magazine says, “54 percent of the cost (of the stadium) comes from taxpayers, far exceeding the public’s contribution for all but three of the last 10 NFL stadiums.”

The initial payback tally for all these debt bills is $1.575 billion. Because these bills were construction oriented, expect future budget shortfalls for schools and constitutionally mandated responsibilities. Also, that tally represents how much money working families won’t spend. Their taxes will rise to pay down public debt.

Potential investors know Minnesotan liberals maintain a not so quiet socialist approach to governing, and that’s why they don’t come here. The Tax Foundation recently announced that Minnesota’s Business tax climate ranks 45th in the nation. DEED reported, “In 2010, 10,086 Minnesota businesses closed their doors for good.”

All this spending has resulted in Ward’s district having the worst unemployment in the state. I understand a lot of people believe Ward to be a nice person. Most salesmen are nice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be in power. He should be voted out for fiscal irresponsibility that digs us toward a deepening unemployment crisis.

Barbara Haney

Brainerd Conservative