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Memorial Day celebration is May 28

The Crow Wing County Memorial Day Committee is again having an annual Memorial Day parade and ceremony honoring all of America’s Veterans at the Evergreen Cemetery on Memorial Day May 28.

As part of the Memorial Day activities the committee posts casket flags of deceased veterans along the Evergreen cemetery fence. This annual event started in 1988 with just a few flags and has grown each year with more casket flags added each year.

A veteran’s survivor may choose to donate the casket flag or a similar flag that was given by the U.S. government at the veteran’s funeral service. The Memorial Day Committee will take responsibility for the casket flag and will post the flag each year thereafter on Memorial Day. The committee asks that a $110 donation be made to the committee to purchase a flag pole and a plaque. The plaque will have the veteran’s full name, branch of service and the war or wars the veteran served in. This will become the property of the Memorial Day Committee who will maintain the flag in perpetuity.

The flag will be flown each Memorial Day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Unless inclement weather should prevail. This is to prevent deterioration of the flag.

If you are interested in honoring your family member or friend please contact Nancy Laughton, president Memorial Day Committee, 2927 Kappel Road, Brainerd, MN 56401, or call (218) 829-8208.

Mark A. Strobel

Memorial Day Committee Member

Prostate cancer

Last week a medical doctor reported that the P.S.A. test, which was developed to detect prostate cancer, is so unreliable it isn’t worth seeking.

The theory that is being presented, is that almost all men will develop the disease at some time in their life but very few will die from it.

From what I have learned from my urologist this is largely true if you’re in your 70s when you get the disease. But for younger men this is a dangerous game to play.

I contracted the cancer when I was in my 60s and it is not rare for men in their 50s and younger to get it. My cancer was detected by a P.S.A test and I am still being treated as we speak. Had I done nothing I would be well on my way to bladder or bone cancer from the spread.

Prostate cancer, like all cancers comes in many strengths or aggressiveness. But before this can be determined it has to be detected. Then a treatment course can be set up and it may well mean doing nothing. But for many it must be dealt with.

Not reliable has been used for describing many tests. Not every breast cancer is caught on a mammogram. Not every lung cancer is detected by x-ray. But these relatively cheap tests can be used as a starting point.

Prostate cancer has few symptoms and most people will not know they have it. Caught early it can be treated successfully most of the time. P.S.A is not the whole answer but it is the best we have right now. Until we find something better it should be used.

Mike Holst


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