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Voter I.D. is a matter of honor

Voter I.D. is a matter of honor

Some things to think about: 1. If voter ID really isn’t an issue, why all the stories of voter fraud across America, can they all be lies? 2. If politicians are really concerned about their constituents why are they exempt from a lot of the laws they have passed for the rest of Americans; own health care, special pays/vote yourself raises, best retirement package ever designed ect…3. How did the system get to where we entitle the lazy, unmotivated, and unproductive, cheat your employer, no personal responsibility, protest against the people who work hard to make ends meet crowd. How can ethical, hard working Americans support this; unless your goal is government dependence?

The Army/ Corps of Engineers have values to live by that have been around since their inception.

They are loyalty (bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution), duty, respect, self-service, honor, integrity — do what is right, legally and morally; be willing to do what is right

even when no one is looking. It is our “moral compass” — an inner voice; and personal courage.

I would just humbly ask that each of us think about the above when you vote this fall.

Gregg Struss


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