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Newspaper Love Notes Encouraging Tax Increases

Newspaper Love Notes Encouraging Tax Increases

Regardless of who makes our taxes increase with additional spending bills, it warrants calling out. The newspapers in the last two weeks have printed what is nothing short of free campaign advertising for the liberal agenda. The articles are reminiscent of love notes...affectionately thanking officials for indebting us further as if there are no consequences.

I understand a lot of people think our representative is nice, but I don’t. It isn’t nice to spend money we don’t have, and then dupe the people into thinking he creates jobs when in fact the opposite is true. Here’s a newsflash for the Dispatch’s readers: “We Are Broke, Spending Hasn’t Stopped.”

I want the opportunity to write in and thank representatives for NOT spending money on whatever ‘next best thing’ comes along. Spending doesn’t make elected officials heroes.

I think I’ll write about the following topics in the coming weeks. We should look to conserve money as oppose to more land so that we can reduce our expenses. Families are struggling, and they need their money. We should look at the budget like we must in our homes by carefully choosing how and when to spend so that we can meet our needs without borrowing.

By cutting our expenses, we can reduce property taxes, or we can pay for salary increases for educators, or stabilize our public employees’ retirement instead. Why keep telling them there is no money, and then borrow for projects that the Legacy Amendment was to cover?

If you are a conservative, and you don’t vote for fiscal change in 2012, you implicitly endorse liberals. You have to get in the discussion now. I call upon all conservatives to grab their ballots and pens, and go take that legislative hill.

Barbara Haney

Brainerd Conservative

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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