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Forestview teachers praised

I’m writing this on what my son is calling “the first day of freedom,” the day the anxiety goes from teachers to parents. God bless and help us all enjoy the summer, the vacation and each other. Amen.

A lot is said of teachers’ pay, or lack thereof, unions, tenure and so on. I would like to just say thank you to the teachers of my son’s sixth grade at Forestview. They did a good, no, great job with my son and keeping us, his parents, involved with his schooling through the year. Thanks again.

Teachers, those who are worth their salt, totally need heart, dude! Seriously, there are a few occupations where heart matters almost as much as knowledge, I said, almost. A saying goes, “They don’t care how much you know, if they know how much you care.” To the teachers in my son’s education so far, they’ve had both, caring and teaching. I can only pray you’ve had the same experience with you and your children, if not, it can be a hard thing to get over. My wife still tells me of bad teachers in her life that are still giving her feelings of low self esteem, even after going back to high school later in her life and LPN classes and graduating from both. Each school and education experiences set a person’s course in more ways then we realize or even thought. Remember that teachers, please.

And all I wanted to do was thank my son’s teachers. Have an awesome summer gardening, fishing, sports, whatever. God bless and watch over us all. Amen.

Stephen Heinecke


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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