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From the heart of a mother

I can respect and tolerate that consensual adults of the same sex find fornicating one another their right to do. Yet why can’t they respect and tolerate that I, among many, find it misleading to “educate” others that this behavior is “normal” or “natural” by any stretch of the imagination? It is an anomaly at best and a very bizarre one to many of us because it flies in the face of evolutionary protocol. To me, it is hypocritical to engage in a practice antithetical to the evolutionary foundations of the human family and yet demand the array of privileges this institution rests upon.

This hypocritical demand of gays to get married will not change the “physics” of same-sex fornication — all the morals, religions and legal jargon in the world cannot fool Mother Nature nor a great many of the rest of us. Marriage will not “turn” homosexuality into a natural union any more than the act itself will produce offspring. Yet, no one questions the confusion of children who have two mommies or two daddies, when everyone else has one each. Is this fair to them? If one truly cares for children, would they not consider the dilemma they put upon children by wanting to raise them in the aberration of a homosexual household setting? If one is adult enough to prefer being gay, why not also be adult enough to accept that this preference has costs and consequences?

Be who you are, but please, respect that not everyone celebrates your preferences to be “different.” Heterosexuals are naturally inclined away from them for instinctual reasons beyond our ability or desire to change and we prefer it that way. We would like our children to be allowed to develop the same with a respectful tolerance for those not like ourselves.

Gloria Flor


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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