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Help the job creators
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opinion Brainerd, 56401
Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Our dad worked at the Northwest Paper Company here in Brainerd for over 20 years, retiring in 1967. He worked his tail off changing shifts each and every week along with everyone else that was fortunate enough to have a job there.


If it hadn’t been for a millionaire or two that owned the company to begin with no one there would have had a job.

My point simply put is that the government ought to be giving incentives to these millionaire job creators to start up more companies for more people out of work to be able to work. Not to penalize them by increasing their taxes for the purpose of reducing the national debt, which as I understand it wouldn’t even be a blip on the scale in solving that problem.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my opinion on this matter.

Eli Eliseuson