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'The Mortal Storm'

‘The Mortal Storm’

Recently, I watched an old movie “The Mortal Storm,” first shown in 1940 based on a book about two families in a small German village who were destroyed by the rise of Nazi power. A village once tolerant of race, creed, views and opinions of everyone literally changed overnight because of the deadly ranting of one Adolph Hitler. Jews became persecuted, even murdered and to disagree with Hitler could become a death sentence. Yet, when the movie was shown here, there were those who called the author of the book a war monger. They showed contempt for the war in Europe saying it was of no consequence and we should stay out of it. Sadly, we learned a horrific lesson which unfortunately, too many have chosen to forget. History keeps repeating itself, but we continue to plug our ears. If you think wars can be completely eradicated, think again. Human nature dictates otherwise.

Today, our own country has a mounting problem which had been growing in very insidious way over the last 50 years diminishing the very freedoms upon which this country was founded. We have become weak and morally corrupt. Common decency, respect for others is being eradicated by a growing cult of those who wish to wipe out God, our religious freedoms and silence all conservative views and opinions. Too many public schools have become halls of social justice rather than that of basic education putting us in 25th in the world as far as math and science skills are concerned. This is leading us down the same path as the “Fall of Rome.” When one man thinks he is above all others, does he also think he can lower the ocean, stop a raging sea or calm the winds of a hurricane? You decide.

Dolores Zaske

Pine River

Remember land of opportunity?

Do you remember when America was called “the land of opportunity?” When any person with a good idea, ambition, willingness to work long hours every day, and a little luck, could become independently wealthy? These people were then, honored, respected, and looked up to, someone to emulate. They would create jobs, hire lots of help, and bringing wealth into the community where they lived. This system worked out well for all who wanted to support themselves.

Then we voted in a politically correct president who ran on the concept that he would “fundamentally change America”. He did. Under his guidance, in the last 3 years, a lot of Americans have been lured from believing in capitalism to socialism. These same business owners, who used to be looked upon with respect for providing jobs, are now looked upon with contempt for not sharing the fruit of their lifelong labors with those who sit and whine that they are not being supported in the manor they would like to become accustomed to. They claim that the wealthy do not pay their fair share of taxes. The wealthy are providing over 90% now, how much more do they want?

America is the only major nation that has not yet tried communism. I fear that if we reelect the current occupant of the White House we are going to have our go at it. Ask Russia how it works. Vote wisely. Thank you.

Clyde DeBolt


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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