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University of Minnesota president, staff overpaid


I certainly agree with the Terry McCollough article in the Dispatch “No free college until the U.S. digs out of fiscal mess.”

To do so now would just enforce the actions to complain and cry it will hurt education and will only enforce the feeling of a “free lunch.”


Why should the University of Minnesota (UM) president get paid more than the president of the U.S.? Why should the Gopher coaching staff get so terribly much pay? I bet the coaches of the University of Minnesota make more money in one year than the South Dakota State coaches get paid in five years? The supporters of throwing more money at the U of M education only supports that foolish notion.

Since South Dakota State joined Division I they have defeated the U of M more times than they have lost. In fact the SDSU ladies basketball team has had seven games against the Big Ten competition and S.D. State has won them all!

I can only speak for engineering but in the late 1970s we conducted a brief study in my corporation of around 60,000 employees.

A sheet was given to 50 old timer engineers to list in rank order the top 25 engineers in our corporation. South Dakota State ranked first, North Dakota State second and no school in the Big Ten made the top 10 list when considering the number of hires.

When I started college I was living in Wisconsin. I reviewed the top rated colleges and then looked at the tuition of those I might be interested in. SDSU was the lowest cost so I enrolled there. I had four children, worked a part time job, and graduated in the minimum four years without a penny of debt. As my memory tells me that was about $34 per quarter credit hour. That cost has increased substantially since 1956 to 1960 but still much less than the U of M.

If I was governor of Minnesota one of the first things I would do is fire the U of M president and half the board of regents. The door would never hit their back sides on the way out! I would send the other half of the board to SDSU for on-the-job training for six months. If they didn’t come back with significant cost reduction ideas I would fire them too.

We need a significant effort for cost reductions and better delivery. Throwing more at university education will just throw another log on the fire! Tenure only supports incompetence. I would do away with that.

I would make Governor Walker look like a liberal!

Robert Olson

Ideal Township

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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