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Respectful pit burning

I was watching the Twins play the Phillies the other night and Jim Thome came to bat.

For those who don’t follow the Twins, Jim played for the ball club for two years and was very popular. This night he promptly hit one of the longest home runs ever hit at Target Field but that’s not what I want to talk about. When Jim rounded third base in his home run trot a good share of the crowd rose to their feet and applauded him even though he played for the opposite team. That round of applause was the fans’ way of paying respect to one of the nice people in baseball.

Jim earned that respect wherever he went and young athletes today should take notice of that.

Success in sports is one thing but being successful and being humble is a better thing. For you see, you will be successful in athletics only so long because each step up the ladder pits you against better and better players.

Then there are limitations of how long your body can perform at that level and suddenly you’re down here with the rest of us. For many high school athletes your dreams of playing on will be shattered the day you graduate.

Your feats on the field will be soon be forgotten but your character, while you played, will be remembered for as long as you live.

Sports build character and teach you how to win and lose gracefully. That’s what life is all about. Winning and losing and how you handle it.

Mike Holst


Respectful pit burning

Irresponsible fire pit burning is a huge issue for those of us that prefer to keep our campfires outside, not inside our homes. We do not want the smell of heavy smoke permeating our clothes and our home. We do not like having to shut our windows to avoid your fire pit smoke!

Why do you burn almost daily no matter if it is 90 degrees outside nor windy? We live in the city of Brainerd and our homes are closely connected.

We would not create a pollutant and have it come into your home.

There are many people who are living with health/breathing issues who can become seriously ill from this smell. If you feel a need to have your pit fire, burn on non windy days. Limit how long your fire is burning and put it out entirely/no smoldering.

Common sense and courtesy is all we request.

One more request for more enjoyable summer days: if you need to use your yard vac/weed trimmer, etc., please do it in a timely manner and at appropriate hours. This task should not be an all afternoon process. Brooms/rakes are still sold in stores; they work well in city sized yards. Respect, not a large word, but so important as a neighbor!

Jill Backberg


Presidents make us rich?

I was amazed and amused to read the opinion in today’s (June 14) Dispatch titled “Hope vs. austerity.” This is an example of the perverse logic some people seem to have. As do others, the author confuses discipline with punishment.

As parents we try to teach that difference to our children as they mature. Unfortunately, many adults never learned that difference and expect life to be a blank check, that we sign without concern for the consequences.

Mr. Romney’s firm has saved many companies from dissolution. In doing this, discipline was established, sacrifices were made and some people lost their jobs. However, many people’s jobs were saved and a revitalized company was able to consider future hiring.

We have allowed Mr. Obama to “sell us hope” and, unfortunately, are still waiting for the results. He has had his chance. It is time for some reality and discipline to follow four years of broken promises and futility.

Tom Mattraw

Lake Shore

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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