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Anonymous letter spreads dissent

After nearly 50 years in the Christian ministry, I am confused and disappointed by the words and actions of some believers. Years ago, youth were encouraged to wear bracelets saying, “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do?) A bit simplistic perhaps but still not a bad motto.

Jesus spent much of his time eating and fellowshipping with “sinners” and others of society’s outcasts, giving hope to many whom society condemned. He was also very up front and gracious with opponents. In my tradition, Martin Luther, in his explanation of the 10 commandments, encouraged us to “put the most charitable construction” on what a neighbor says and does.

A letter was recently sent to the members of two congregations (and perhaps more?) Its goal appears to be to cause dissent in these members with their church’s choice to remain in the ELCA after its decision to ordain openly homosexual clergy to serve in churches open to them.

I see no problem with free speech, but when sent with no signature or return address, I’m saddened. Someone sent it with first class postage (expensive) and no sense of accountability? If we claim to follow Christ, let’s agree to disagree agreeably and take responsibility for our actions.

Nathan G. Lundgren


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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