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On the United States Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

Thursday’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision is, in my opinion, one of the largest blows to our liberty in American history.

All the upset over decision can be misunderstood by some. This is not about anyone being against affordable health care or coverage. The upset over this decision is because it attacks the very core principles of what America was founded on and what our soldiers over the past 236 years have sacrificed for — our freedom.

Anything other than the basic provisions in the Constitution (designed to limit the federal government’s scope and power) was to be reserved to the states and to the people. Now, Congress can determine ANY product or service they think is best for you, set the price tag, and FORCE every American to pay for it WITH NO LIMIT to what they can tax you to pay for.

This decision denies liberty and freedom of choice to every single American.

Obamacare will decimate our small businesses, the backbone of this country.

We face hundreds of billions in new taxes (the largest tax increase in history) and Obamacare will cost state taxpayers at least $118 billion over the next decade. The Obama Administration has already issued over 12,000 pages of new regulations — the largest expansion of bureaucracy in history.

Employers will be forced to pay for expensive government-determined health insurance for their employees which will result in the loss of even more jobs, both directly and indirectly.

Religious organizations will be required to provide free sterilization, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees even if this is against their religious beliefs.

Physicians will face increased government intrusion — in fact, treatments they think are best for their patients could be prohibited on the basis of cost. The list goes on.

Does this sound like freedom to you?

The only recourse we have is in this November’s elections. Please learn all you can from as many sides and sources as possible, know and understand our nation’s history — and vote.

Chris Kellett

Candidate for MN State Representative District 10A

The socialist U.S.A.

June 28, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. It was a day that America officially became a socialist nation. It was a day that marked the end of freedom as we know it.

In ruling to uphold Obamacare, the Supreme Court of the United States gave the Federal Government unlimited power over our individual lives. As a result, the quality of our healthcare and the freedom to choose our doctors and hospitals has been stripped. This decision also sets the dangerous precedent for future government take-overs of our lives. It, in addition, serves to hinder our struggling economy.

This November, after seriously considering what this ruling truly represents in a loss of our individual freedoms, take the only action we the people can own, and vote for the candidate who promises to return the United States to the free nation it was created to be!

Christine Olson


Show restraint on lakes

This weekend will see the beginning of the Fourth of July week. It will also marks the week when our area lakes will see their heaviest use of the year. This year, because of the inordinately high water levels, this presents both an ecological and safety concern for all who use the lakes. Here on Rice Lake, our water levels are up about 30” vertically. Docks and lifts are in danger of floating away, and already fragile stretches of lakeshore are in danger of being washed away.

Large wakes from boats towing tubers, skiers, and wakeboarders will certainly exacerbate an already tenuous situation. We respectfully ask that you consider what harm large wakes might do to all area lakeshore before you engage in such activities.

The lakes are here for all of us to enjoy. Let’s all find activities that will preserve the beauty of the area for years to come.

Lawrence R. Severt

President, Rice Lake Association

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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