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Pointblank Gun Training is all about safety

In response to Mr. Al Martin, I don’t believe you understand what we do at PointBlank Gun Training.

We instruct responsible adults on topics such as safe gun handling, traveling with a firearm and yes, proper storage of a firearm. Ask any of our students what they learned from the company on the billboard.

I invite you, Mr. Martin, at no charge, to sit through our permit-to-carry class and all I ask from you is an honest and informed review of how we did, then go tell everybody else. I believe your opinion of PointBlank Gun training, its staff and students will be much different.

Brian E. Walsh, owner

PointBlank Gun training


Love the new Dispatch

We love the new Dispatch. The front pages are beautiful and/or eye-catching. Change keeps us on our toes. Keep up the good work!

Sally L Mann


Attacks on AG are bogus

The Republicans in Congress can huff and puff all they want, but we know the reason they are going after Attorney General (Eric) Holder is because he has filed a lawsuit to stop states, pushed by Republicans, to squelch voters from voting by requiring photo identification.

This law would disenfranchise the elderly blacks and Latinos. As I understand it voter fraud is .0008 percent.

Voter fraud occurred when Katherine Harris of Florida gave George Bush the election when they refused to let some votes count.

Mary Jane Krmpotich


Is Bukovich lying?

Is this John Bukovich one of us or is he just trying to make things look bad for the mentally ill on medications?

Jerrold C. Turnquist


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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