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Health Care: A difficult pill to swallow

I’ve been hearing and reading what others have commented about the recent health care ruling, such as this is what Hitler (Roberts, he’s there for life and is unaccountable) did.

From what I’ve been told if you know the truth in Cuba you are seen as a threat and they commit you as insane, because who’ll believe a mentally ill person? Then there is the stigma and stereotyping, besides the label of being mentally ill. If you are not crazy already, you’ll soon be found insane. The good news is the crazy people get all the best drugs. You become fat, get tardive and diabetes from such drugs and if you still don’t agree with the government they’ll drug you into a vegetable. It’s called a Jarvis Hearing to force you to comply and if you don’t they’ll tase you, hold you down and then give you a shot in the butt. It’s therapeutic.

This health care ruling is an assault on freedom of speech, because we won’t get to hear Rush Limbaugh rant about what a tax whore Obama is and then the psychobabble will begin to commit everyone who dares to speak the truth... I think, therefore I’m a threat should be the battle cry.

I can’t say, think or write these truths above, because I’ll be told it’s a delusion. I’ve been telling them the medications don’t work, but they don’t believe me. If you think America is going to hell in a hand basket ... you are just paranoid and I’ll probably see you in the mental ward (better than seeing you in hell?). Keep this one thing in mind when you are telling others the truth about socialism in America ... did you take your medications today? It’s a difficult pill to swallow.

Don Lehto


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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